Our Future


We work with LEAF to make improvements in the management of our soil and water, conserving energy, protecting our crops, enhancing wildlife habitats, and reaching out to our local communities. All delivered through our producers' commitment to Integrated Farm Management (IFM) and their drive and determination to improve their farming practices.


We have both honey bee and native bumble bee hives around the farm. They are essential for pollinating our fruits flowers.

Insect and Bee hotels are placed around the farm to encourage biodiversity. We manage hedges, windbreaks, field margins and other areas on the farm to encourage other wildlife. Special flower mixes have been planted to encourage bee and insect activity which in turn helps with natural pollination.

We encourage the growth of natural flowers and bee population amongst our plants. Our flowering orchards are attractive to the human eye, and to Mother Nature. The flowers provide nectar to feed passing insects - sustaining a community that help to reserve the natural balance for the lifespan of the orchard.